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What Is It?

          If you pay your own wireless phone bill and feel you're spending way too much money by exceeding your wireless plan. YOU NEED DAVID ON YOUR SIDE! David is your defense against overwhelming cell phone bills by showing you how much you owe before you see your bill!!

David will monitor your wireless usage and keep you updated in real time of your usage compared to your wireless plan. You will be able to effectively track your daytime, evening, weekend and long distance minutes conveniently from your BlackBerry® at no cost. You can also track your data usage against your data plan and your incoming, outgoing and long distance text messages against your messaging plan. You will now be alerted when you are close to exceeding your wireless plan and incurring additional fees. You will now be able to track to the dollar every additional fee to prevent surprising, outrageous wireless bills at the end of your billing period.

Current 1.40.59 Features:
  • Daytime, Evening, Weekend & Long Distance Minutes Monitor
  • Network, WiFi & Roaming Data Transfer Monitor
  • Incoming, Outgoing & Long Distance Text Messages Monitor
  • Alerting (visual alert when usage approaches 85% of wireless plan)
  • Real Time Bill (displays your wireless bill with real time values)
  • Bill History (View bills from previous billing periods for your records)
  • Dynamic Free Updates
  • Common Numbers such as *611 and all Toll Free Numbers excluded from bill!
  • Support for other Currencies (Dollar, Euro, Pounds Sterling & Yen)!
  • Export Usage Data and Bills by Email in CSV and HTML Formats!
  • Integration into BlackBerry Calendar to display new Billing Periods!

New Features of Version 1.40.59:
  • Support for International Numbers (Variable Number/Area Code Length)
  • Data Usage Rounded to Nearest MegaByte for Billing Purposes
  • Local Contacts Feature

Supported Platforms:
  • Blackberry OS 4.7
  • Blackberry OS 4.6.1
  • Blackberry OS 4.6.0
  • Blackberry OS 4.5.0

Tested With:
  • 9530/9500 (Storm)
  • 9000/9630 (Bold/Tour)
  • 8900 (Javelin/New Curve)
  • 8830/8820/8800 (World Edition)
  • 8330/8320/8310/8300 (Old Curve)
  • 8130/8120/8110/8100 (Pearl)
  • 8703/8700

1 CDMA Network Technology Restricts Data Monitoring - MAY result in Invalid data reporting!
2 BlackBerry OS Version 4.5.0 Data Reporting Inconsistency - MAY Result in Invalid data Reporting!
* All Issues are BlackBerry Related and hence cannot be resolved with David!

Screen Shots

David's Main Screen Monitor every aspect of your phone usage vs expenses through the main David Screen!
The Minutes Screen breaks down your voice usage into a detailed view of Daytime, Evening, Weekend and Long Distance Usage! Minutes Screen
Data Screen Monitor your data usage (Network, WiFi & Roaming) vs your data plan in detail!
Monitor your text messaging (incoming, outgoing & long distance) vs your messaging plan! Messages Screen
Bill Screen View in Real Time your actual wireless bill so you can fully understand your charges!
Past Billing Periods are saved so you can review your usage patterns over time and adjust your bill accordingly!

Statistical information will be added to David Version 2!
Usage Screen
Overage Warning Screen David displays a visual warning when you've used 85% of your wireless plan options!

Over The Air (OTA) Download Only! Navigate Blackberry Browser to:

Fee: 2 Month Trial, $1.99 USD   -   CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

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