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Download ShareIT! Now [ Windows | MAC ]

ShareIT! is a service that allows a user to connect to and easily copy files between their ShareIT mobile application and many ShareIT PC or MAC applications. Using ShareIT you can list/search/download/upload and sync all files/folders on your PC/MAC and iTunes collection!

Download/Install ShareIT!

Latest Version of ShareIT! for Windows PC
Latest Version of ShareIT! for Macintosh OSX
Windows might display Security Alerts from the "Firewall" or "User Account Control" which might resemble the below images. It's important for ShareIT to work properly, that it is given these permissions! When asked, select "Yes" for ShareIT to make changes to the computer to allow ShareIT to setup your Share. For the Windows Firewall, make sure both "Private" and "Public" networks are selected and click "Allow Access" or "Unblock" to allow ShareIT to communicate with your mobile device.

Once Installed...
This application runs silently in the task tray of your windows PC or MAC and is required to use the ShareIT mobile application.

Latest Version of ShareIT! for BlackBerry [ BB10 | PlayBook ]
This is the ShareIT BlackBerry Application. After ShareIT! has finished installing, it will request special permissions for Internet access and access to local files on your device. Approve this by checking the box next to the access types and clicking "Accept" or "ok". This access is required to successfully upload and download files! ShareIT will not function correctly if you deny this request!

Start Sharing!

Are you ready to Share?

Test if your ShareIT PC/MAC application is running by  clicking here!
You should see a webpage open with the response "ShareIT! Personal Cloud is running....". Otherwise check your PC/MAC to ensure you correctly installed ShareIT. As part of application menu features included in ShareIT is the "TroubleShoot Help" option. Shown below, this feature runs tests against ShareIT and self corrects any possible issues or tells you whats the problem and suggests possible solutions!

Share Whatever You Want!
Only Files/Folders which are included in your Share Directory are available from your mobile device. To view this folders contents select the "Open ShareIT! Directory" option listed on the application menu or double click the desktop shortcut created after installation. Whatever you copy into this ShareIT folder will be shared. To make copying items to your Share easier their is also a shortcut in the "Send To" right-click menu list shown below. Similiarly, an iTunes Playlist named "ShareIT! Personal Cloud" is automatically created for you if you iTunes installed. Anything in this playlist will be Shared!

Local Files  
iTunes Playlist

It's Easy to ShareIT!
On your ShareIT mobile application click on "Find" to search for and connect to your ShareIT PC/MAC from anywhere on your local network. Or if you want to share with friends, exchange ShareIT IP Addresses and start sharing!


Get The Most from ShareIT!

Connect to your ShareIT From Anywhere in the world by following these guides

Instructions to Configure Port Forwarding
Setting up Port Forwarding allows you to access your ShareIT PC/MAC from anywhere in the world by using its WAN IP Address. It tells your home network where to send requests addressed for your ShareIT PC/MAC. Think of it as registering your house PC/MAC address with the post office. The post office will now know where to send packages addressed to your house PC/MAC.

Port Forwarding Settings
Service Name:ShareIT
Port Range:4036
Local IP:Get this value from "Local IP Address" value in the Application Menu by selecting "What's my IP Address"
Local Port:4036

Instructions to Configure a Static IP
Setting up a Static IP ensures your PC/MAC keeps the same IP Address which means ShareIT will always know where to find your PC/MAC anywhere in the world. Think of it as the post office delivering packages to your house PC/MAC address. Except every once in awhile your house PC/MAC address will change which means you no longer get your packages. Setting up a static IP ensures your house PC/MAC address stays the same so you always get your packages.


LAN IP is your Local IP Address, using this address you can connect to ShareIT when your close by your ShareIT PC/MAC. Whereas WAN IP is wide IP Address and allows you to connect to ShareIT from anywhere on the internet if you have port forwarding setup.